the Music

If It Don't Fit, Don't Force It

Coming soon!  Projected release date in late June/early July 2015.


  • 1. Walk The Dog clip
  • 2. Everybody Does It Now clip
  • 3. Why Don't You Do Right? clip
  • 4. If It Don't Fit Don't Force It clip
  • 5. All Of Me clip
  • 6. I'll Fly Away clip
  • 7. Jug Band Blues clip
  • 8. I Want To Be Bad clip
  • 9. Ukulele Lady clip
  • 10. Bill Bailey clip
  • 11. Summertime clip
  • 12. New Rubbin' On That Darned Old Thing clip
  • 13. If You Want Me To Love You clip
  • 14. Five Foot Two clip
  • 15. Wayward Gal Blues clip
  • 16. Let's Get Drunk Again clip

Bill Bailey

This fine Dixieland jazz standard was brought to the band’s attention by Mandy, who remembered it from the movie Corrina Corrina.  I’m glad she did, because I had been wanting to add another traditional New Orleans jazz tune to the set.  It gives me the opportunity to do one of those snappy Dixieland banjo banjo breaks, which is always a big hit at live shows, and I do so love getting to do pieces on the tenor banjo—this helps to justify my continuing to purchase tenor banjos, which is something of a problem, to be frank.  If any of you out there are looking to unload any Bacon & Day Silver Bell tenor or plectrum banjos from the 1920s or ‘30s, I’m the guy to call…