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Memphis Stomp

Release Date: September 28, 2011

This CD features 16 of our best vintage music tracks, and you can listen to every single one of them in their entirety right here, right now!


  • 1. Memphis Stomp clip
  • 2. Hesitation Blues clip
  • 3. CC Rider clip
  • 4. Hottest Stuff In Town clip
  • 5. Tentin' Down In Tennessee clip
  • 6. Keep My Skillet Good & Greasy clip
  • 7. Deep River Blues clip
  • 8. Dallas Rag clip
  • 9. Lindyberg Hop clip
  • 10. I Ain't Your Hen, Mr. Fly Rooster clip
  • 11. Mythological Blues clip
  • 12. Elevator Papa, Switchboard Mama clip
  • 13. The Blackest Crow clip
  • 14. Southern Blues clip
  • 15. T'Ain't No Sin clip
  • 16. Wild About My Lovin' clip

The Blackest Crow

(Traditional  Appalachian)  This is the one piece of pure Appalachia that made it onto the record, though we dearly love to play fiddle tunes and old country songs at our shows.  Needless to say, when we were on the coffee house circuit in Memphis it was the one song guaranteed to bring the coffee grinders to life.  Nobody in the band misses those days.  I first heard this song on a Rising Appalachia CD back in 2007, and have since heard more and varied versions than I could even hope to remember.  I’m pretty sure our version owes something to the playing and singing of David White down in River Falls, South Carolina.