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The Sweetest Peaches Don't Grow On Trees

Released date: Friday, April 12, 2013

Following the pattern set by our first record, this CD features sixteen more tracks of fine vintage music from the Golden Age of American gramophone recording, as well as the Djanjo-influenced jazz guitar styings of the famed Christo Ruppenthal.  You heard right, boys and girls - Madison, Wisconsin's notorious jazzer and band leader Chris Ruppenthal flew down for a furious week in the studio, and the result is going to knock your socks off!  Vaudeville, jugband, blues, Dixieland jazz and Western swing, this record has it all, all for only ten American dollars!


  • 1. Papa's About To Get Mad clip
  • 2. Gin House Blues clip
  • 3. Miss Molly clip
  • 4. Logan County Blues clip
  • 5. I Wanna Be Loved By You clip
  • 6. Hot Dog Man clip
  • 7. Jitterbug Swing clip
  • 8. Long John Blues clip
  • 9. Haunted House Blues clip
  • 10. Deep Ellum Blues clip
  • 11. A Guy What Takes His Time clip
  • 12. Hey, Good Lookin’ clip
  • 13. 32-20 Blues clip
  • 14. Carroll County Blues clip
  • 15. Shimmy Like My Sister Kate clip
  • 16. Mississippi Heavy Water Blues clip

Hey, Good Lookin’

I can’t believe that I waited until this far in the notes to mention our special guest guitarist on this recording, but let me just say that Christo Ruppenthal has really given this record its distinct, jazz-tinged sound.  Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Chris is a master Django Reinhardt-style gypsy jazz guitarist.  He leads the Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble in Madison, and also plays for the Western Swing band Safety Last!  We met Chris at Folk Alliance in 2011, when his band and fledgling merch business had a vendor table in the exhibit hall across from George Banjos.  He stayed with us during Folk Alliance 2012 and played with the band for our official showcase.  We convinced him to spend a week in Memphis with us late last year to make this record, and if we could convince him to move here permanently he would be a full-time member of the band.  This is of course a Hank Williams, Sr. song.