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Endorsements! Shout outs! Testimonials!

Here is where we acknowledge all of our creative partners and provide links to their home on the web.  Please visit these sites and support these folks, as they are all top-notch individuals and organizations.  All have gone out of their way to help the Side Street Steppers become the powerhouse vintage music machine we are today, and we are grateful for their services!

Electraphonic Studios

Scott Bomar engineered and recorded the Memphis Stomp sessions at his Electraphonic Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.  He was super laid back and easy to work with, and he made the whole recording process as painless as I've ever experienced it.  Heck, we even had fun in the studio a couple of times!  He recorded us on vintage equipment gathered around a single mic, for a "live in the studio" feel, and since that is the way we play live, I've gotta tell you it felt (and sounds!) great.  Be sure to check out his bass work with the Bo-Keys while you're at it...

Folk Alliance

Louis Meyers keeps insisting he is not our manager, but also keeps stepping in and saving us from ourselves at key moments anyway!  The Folk Alliance oraganization has been very kind to us from the beginning, and we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for being invited showcase artists for the 2012 conference.  Special thanks to Cindy Cogbill, who always shares her room with us at the hotel - we love you, Cindy!!!

George Banjos

Tommy George in Somerville, Tennessee builds the best banjos and banjo ukes in the South, and is a pretty amazing guy all around besides.  He and his wife Carol, and their two cats Odie and Opie, are like family, and we thank them for all the love, support, banjos and banjo ukes over the years.  The Side Street Steppers play and edorse George banjos and George banjo ukuleles, and if you knew what was good for you, you'd play 'em, too!  You can check out George Banjos on the web at

Good Golly Photography

The Side Street Steppers love Molly Kennedy!  Molly is our official tour photographer, which we make easy for her by only playing in and around Memphis.  She took all the photos in the slide show postcard on our homepage, and a good many of the images on our photos page.  She also did our big glossy press photo.  Please go out and hire Molly for your next wedding/divorce/bar mitzvah/whatever - as you can see here, her work speaks for itself.

Red Hot Lindy Hop

Red Hot Lindy Hop are the kings (and queens!) of swing in Memphis, Tennessee.  They are dedicated to the preservation of the vintage swing dances, as well as sharing their knowledge with those willing to learn. Red Hot Lindy Hop's board of members work to promote swing dancing here in Memphis through lessons, dances, and workshops. The Side Street Steppers were privileged to have the RHLH dancers help us make one of our music videos, which can be seen here.