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Vera Victoria Stanfield

Calling Memphis home now, Vera hails from Huntsville, Alabama.  She graduated from the University of Alabama - Roll Tide! - in Tuscaloosa with a degree in Classics, and upon discovering that very few people actually spoke ancient Greek and Latin anymore she took up learning to play the ukulele and banjo so as to acquire an income-generating skill set.  Vera is a founding member of the Side Street Steppers, and my goodness is she a knockout!  

Vera's Instruments

Vera plays banjo uke and various 5-string banjos for the Side Street Steppers.  Though she is not nearly as much a gear head as her husband, a detailed description of each of her instruments follows since he is the one who does the website content.  Heh, heh.  If this were up to her, what follows would be a detailed account of each of her 42 Trashy Diva dresses, and who wants to have to sit through that?

2010 George Banjo Ukulele: "Starry Uke"

Vera's "Starry Uke" was custom built for her by her husband, Christian Stanfield, and Tommy George at George Banjos.  This is actually the second banjo uke Christian and Tommy made for her - the first turned out to be more of a prototype for the George Banjos line of banjo ukes, and when Vera saw and heard how good they were getting by the third generation, she opted to comission a new one!  This uke is constructed of premium curly maple, with an ebony fingerboard and a star pearl inlay pattern.  Vera recently added a redering of Minnie Mouse on the banjo head.

2011 George Banjo: "Golden Girl"

Although Christian is really the old one in this relationship, Vera comissioned her "Golden Girl" full sized model to be a real "bling-jo."  All hardware is gold-plated, and the inlays are cut from gold mother of pearl.  The neck and rim are constructed of premium curly maple, and the fingerboard and accents are of cocobolo.  The neck is a 25.5" scale, fitted on a 12" rim.

2012 George Banjo "Bling-Jo"

Yet another beautifully crafted George banjo built by her loving husband, this one is a stunner! Covered in shimmering pearlescent mother-of-toilet-seat, this banjo always turns heads. With a shorter scale neck and a flush resonator, this one is perfectly sized for the lady banjoist.

2013 George A-Scale Banjo: "Perfectly Suited"

Another George Banjos custom job, Christian and Tommy built this short scale banjo for Vera's birthday in the summer of 2013.  Vera does not like to play with a capo if she can help it, so this banjo solves that problem by being two frets shorter than a regular banjo neck.  This allows her to play in the keys of A, D and A-modal (which are normally capoed at the second fret) without having to use a capo at all.